About Us

Our goal is to bring LA's urban dwellers and businesses premium select waters (artesian, spring, structured, and oxygenated) delivered to your door. The Water Loft acknowledges the lifestyle you have chosen and wants to provide you with a service that will suit your daily needs. You will no longer have to carry heavy cases of water from the market to your home or office!

We also understand that people drink many different brands of waters. We offer a variety - for everyday, for special events, that gourmet dinner, even for those clients who will appreciate the design of the bottle. If you drink somthing that is not on our menu, please request it. We will make every effort to accommodate you. Our goal is to provide you with the choices, and the best possible service.

Water is essential for life! We invite you to browse and shop online. And thank you for making us a part of your neighborhood.

Howard & Debbie Nodelman
The Water Loft

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