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Careers in the Water Industry
Careers in bottled water sales are readily on tap! While some are drinking it out of a need for convenient packaging, others have valid concerns about the safety of local water supplies. Either way sales figures are very good for many bottled water companies.
Brand names like Aquafina and Dasani are industry leaders who employ great numbers of people. This is for good reason since the parent companies behind these industry leaders are Coca Cola and Pepsi. Selling beverages is old hat to these soft drink giants who have only recently entered this niche market.
There’s nothing new about the concept. Careers and businesses have been built around the sale of spring water and mineral water for over a century. Most are familiar with such brands as Perrier with its naturally occurring carbonation. This French import has been exported from France to locations around the globe for generations.
If you look around you’ll see that there are a great number of companies hiring in this highly liquid industry! Whether you are interested in water purification, collection, marketing or just distribution there’s a spot for you out there.
This company provides more than just electric and appliances. It’s also a worldwide energy and resources infrastructure dabbling in everything from lighting to water. Click on the link to their careers page and search for jobs in their Water & Process Technologies Division and find careers in everything from waste water research in China to working as a field representative for the company.
HR Department
762 West Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
If it’s public water treatment you’re looking for then this company may be able to help you out. They run water treatment and waste water facilities in cities across the United States and are always looking for people to run those plants.
Dana Point, California
If you are interested in making money for yourself in the water industry this bottled water company is still small enough that they are actively seeking vendors to sell their product. Bottled water with great flavor and fun, effective mantras on the label.
(800) 643-1501
This small company bottles their water directly at the source about 12 miles from Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Though they may be small, they sell their water from coast to coast and it has even been featured in movies.
Finding a career in the water industry won’t be hard at all since water is an essential to life on Earth. You can really count on some job security in this field. If you are interested in working with water, but don’t know where to start, look into a few of these degree programs.
Water Purification Technology Associate’s Degree
With this Associate’s Degree Program you can become certified to work in the water industry in just two years, less if you double up on classes. Plus, Grand Rapids, Michigan is right next to a major water source, the Grand River.
Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Water Resource Economics (BS)
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources (BS)
Since Arizona is such a dry state they spend much of their time and energy making sure enough water is delivered to the population. As a result the major universities, including the University of Arizona, all offer degree programs in water and water treatment.
Masters of Public Health
This degree prepares you to work in any industry dealing with the public. It shows you how to improve the health of local and global communities by interpreting concrete scientific research and evidence and putting it into practice. Many companies in the water industry are hiring employees with these kinds of degree to ensure they deliver the safest product possible.
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
A degree in the natural sciences can really take you far in the water industry, especially if you prefer to research and study it. Whether you are just looking for ways to clean up water or trying to discern the properties of great tasting mineral water, a bachelor’s in Chemistry can help you understand how water works and how to make it better for people to drink.
As you can see there are a number of different degree programs and fields you can enter into when choosing to work with water. At this point it’s up to you to decide if you want to work in water treatment, wastewater, water purification, bottled water or something else entirely!

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