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Name: FIJI
Country of Origin: Fiji Islands
TDS: 160
pH: 7.5
Altitude: NA
Discovery of Source: Recent

Apart from tourism, FIJI Water is probably the biggest industry in this small, remote Pacific nation. The water begins as rain in the tropical forest, and filters through the ground for hundreds of years in Viti Levu before entering the aquifer. FIJI is classified as a Very Low Mineral water and has a desirable 7.5 pH factor. The most notable chemical aspect is its high silica, often associated with waters that are harvested from areas with volcanic geology.

Once the darling of Hollywood types who admired its purity and packaging, FIJI can now be found almost everywhere, including here at The Water Loft.

Order Online or By Phone: 310-341-0877

1 Ltr (33.8 fl oz)


$28.50 (12 per case)
$2.38 per bottle

500 ml (16.9 fl oz)


$32.99 (24 per case)
$1.37 per bottle



$42.10 (36 per case)
$1.17 per bottle

1.5 Liter


$32.99 (12 per )
$2.75 per bottle

700 ml


$31.14 (12 per 23.67 oz)
$2.60 per bottle

*Polyethylene Terephthalate (Plastic)

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