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750ml Palace Bottle

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1 Liter

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16.9 oz

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330 ml Petite

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1.5 Liter

*PET / STILL WATER $34.99 (12 per case)  $2.92 per bottle
750 ml

Glass / STILL WATER $43.10 (12 per )  $3.59 per bottle

Glass / STILL WATER $45.60 (20 per case)  $2.28 per bottle

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Country of Origin: FRANCE
TDS: 357
pH: 7.2
Altitude: 2500 FT
Discovery of Source: Very old

Evian is one of  the most visible luxury waters in the world.   A flagship product of prestigtious Groupe Danone, Evian's source in Haute Savoie was discovered in 1789 by the Marquis de Lessert.    Nitrates are acceptable at 3.8 milligrams per liter; other than that, there really is nothing exceptional in Evian's chemistry besides the strong level of Silica, and low Sodium content.    With its neutral 7.2 pH, Evian is a smooth and hydrating drink,  providing a signature taste enjoyed by many.

*Polyethylene Terephthalate (Plastic)

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